Welcome to my website!  I’m a music composer, singer/songwriter, artist and overall creative nut that just wants to live life making things.

My award winning music compositions have been featured in films, web series, online games, animations and corporate presentations. I create original songs and covers for the fans of my YouTube channel “The Hania Show“.

In celebration of the awesome Pokemon Go game, let’s take a look at the cover I did for the Pokemon Theme Song… 164,733 views and counting!!

Want something original? Check out my latest video ‘WormHole’

I compose custom songs and fine art commissions for clients worldwide. My songs are being heard around the planet and my paintings hang in various offices, homes and universities around the globe. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to provide creative works for people who need them. 

I’ve only been interviewed for a few things, but if you’re someone who is wanting my point of view, please contact me. Likewise, if you’re keen to collaborate or need music / art for your next project, Contact me!

01-Image-BW Keys Pink Nails


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